CSN Anabolic Muscle Matrix 4KG

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Mass Gainer Protein
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Post-workout nutrition, timing is everything if you want major mass gains; you need to take advantage of the slim-but valuable-window of opportunity immediately after workouts. Because your muscles grow while they are recovering from the workout, and not during the workout, you need to feed them with a recovery supplement specifically designed to support muscle mass production. With Anabolic Muscle Matrix ® that is exactly what you get! Here is why. Our product has been designed to inject a burst of growth-stimulating protein and carbs into your muscles after consumption to feed the growth pump post workout.

A unique carbohydrate blend is used as the exclusive carbohydrate source. Why? Because it provides both an immediate and sustained chain carbohydrate molecule release. Immediate chains are absorbed rapidly and sustained chains more slowly, continuously feeding your muscles a stream of clean carbohydrates throughout both stages of the anabolic recovery phase. Following this the next wave of protein gets infused into your muscles to support the second-stage growth factor.

Very similar to the USN muscle fuel anabolic in name but do not be mistaken this is one awesome tasting protein mass gaining shake with added creatine monohydrate


Recommended Use: Take 1 serving after training for the ‘hard gainer’ take another serving throughout the day or before bed.

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Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Peanut, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream